i’ve hidden the rant below the cut. beware, i’m angry because this shit hit a nerve.

it’s real unfortunate that you had to go through that headache. i haven’t been following you long ( this is a side blog so technically “oppakin” isn’t the one following you ), but a quick glance at your legacy posts after your original post about clara made me shake my head so much at the people who sent you messages about your sim. now, like i said before, i haven’t been following you long so i may not be on the up and up about things but from my understanding:

kensuke is asian (i assume he’s full japanese?)

bo is caucasian (i assume she’s full white?)

they slept together and had a baby a .k.a clara

clara is therefore biracial (asian and caucasian)

so, uh, where exactly is the offensive part??? it’s not impossible for her to have her dad’s eyes. did you never hear someone go “oh he’s got his mom’s eyes.” or “she’s got her dad’s nose.” you inherit features from your parents. sometimes things mix and you get a combo of both parents genes/facial features, while other times it’s like you got all of your dad’s looks or all of your mom’s looks.

did none of you go to middle school? attend a single biology, health, science class — or basically use their brains at any point before sending those messages? didn’t you ever have that school assignment where you got two bunnies of different colors and stuff and you have to figure out how many offspring will have spots or be spotless??? i know i wasn’t the only one that did something like that. even did it with plants, too. figured out what color petals they’d have or how tall/short the plant would end up being due to genes.

from what i read, people were complaining that her eyes were like, too asian for a caucasian? she’s biracial! wait, first of all, it’s fucked up that ya’ll looked at that sim and were like “nope, nu-uh — those eyes are too asian for that white girl.”

da fuq? how do you have asian eyes? how do you look at something and think “those eyes are too asian for them.” if anything is fucked up and offensive it would be that.

i swear ya’ll really let your ignorance show with that situation. whoever sent messages about tiptoe’s sim clara being offensive — you need to take a permanent seat and educate yourself.

check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.

oppa out.

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